Ways To Have A Good Time At Work That Are Surprisingly Simple (While Staying Productive)

Imagine a cheerful workforce frolicking around their trendy start-up hallways before smoothly switching into a productive work sprint.

Imagine a cheerful workforce frolicking around their trendy start-up hallways before smoothly switching into a productive work sprint.

Many people believe that "fun" is reserved for leisure, vacations, weekends, and children.

However, the word "fun" has a huge range of meanings. "What offers pleasure or delight," according to Merriam-Webster. Fun is subjective and gratifying, and when people are free to explore their own ideas about it, it benefits the workplace as well.

Celebrate Employee Birthday's and Milestones

Make the most of every opportunity to celebrate in order to combine aspects of employee appreciation with good old-fashioned office fun. To celebrate in elegance, you don't need to throw lavish parties. You only need a happy hour, an ice cream social, or a well chosen employee milestone package to get people smiling.

These kind of gatherings make team members feel more like family. It fosters a loving and supportive environment that is vital.

Employee motivation, creativity, and team-building are all aided by having fun at work. Every workday can and should include it. Even hybrid or remote teams might benefit from having a good time at work.

Encourage Public Recognition

This concept meets both aspects if fun is defined as "what brings entertainment or delight." Making someone's day gives satisfying entertainment and satisfaction for the givers, while the receivers receive enjoyment as well as a boost in self-esteem and drive.

You can quickly produce heaps of feel-good recognition vibrations with the aid of employee recognition software.

Small businesses may believe they cannot afford adequate employee appreciation, yet it is possible to make your employees feel appreciated for very little money. People aren't only motivated by money, and tiny, honest expressions of gratitude can be just as effective as a bonus.

Give kudos to those who deserve it, offer interesting tasks or possibilities for professional/personal development, or simply express gratitude!

Dress for Success

Clothes have an impact on your mood. The phenomenon was even given the moniker "clothed cognition" by researchers.

Wear something that makes you feel joyful, peaceful, powerful, or capable, and your actions, thoughts, and words may reflect those sentiments.

If a bold pattern can liven up a break room and a splash of yellow can conjure up happy office sentiments, there's no reason a little self-expression can't do the same for you.

As a result, many businesses contribute to a pleasant workplace culture by offering high-quality apparel in the form of a bespoke company swag box.

Most people want to look well, so if they can feel good while doing so, it's a win-win situation.

Choose a couple costumes that you adore and that, of course, comply with your company's dress code. Try keeping a journal of how your mood changes during the day while you wear certain outfits. Repeat...

Invite Pets to the Office

Having a pet in the office isn't only cute. Bringing pets to work, according to some research, can enhance employee morale and reduce absenteeism for both pet parents and coworkers.

Animals can instantly create a lighthearted environment, reminding you that life's simple pleasures need just as much attention as your next deadline.

From the employee's perspective, having dogs in the workplace can bring social and emotional comfort as well as help to alleviate stress.

Pets in the office can help business owners create a better employee experience, which can then be used as part of their recruiting and retention strategy, since 83 percent of employees who work in pet-friendly environments report higher company loyalty.

  • “My team’s been using trivia as a way to connect for more than two years now. While we were in the office, it was really fun to discuss the results each week and celebrate the winners. Now that we are all remote, the fact that the quiz results still give us something to talk about each week over Slack that isn’t work-related is super appreciated.”

    Water Cooler Trivia

  • "Our team has done karaoke night before. The reason a night of karaoke can be so successful is the second anyone picks up a microphone, they are putting themselves up for all to see. And in this moment, everyone is equal. Even the best singers can hit a wrong note or sing the verse when it’s time for the chorus! When you allow your co-workers to know you aren’t perfect, but you are willing to go with the team on this, that can mean everything."

    Sterling Lawyers

  • "Laughter connects you with people. It’s almost impossible to maintain any kind of distance or any sense of social hierarchy when you’re just howling with laughter. Laughter is a force for democracy."

    John Cleese

  • “We were all work and no play before; now we really get along as a team a lot better!”

    Remote Team Wellness